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Things you should know about Rome

Ancient Rome

The Roman Forum was the political, commercial and religious center of Ancient Rome: walking among arches, temples in ruins, stone paved streets towards the Coliseum is a unique experience


Old City Center and Trastevere

Piazza Navona is a long rectangle in which visitors will find the famous Bernini’s Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (four rivers fountain): houses are painted in pastel colours while Sant’Agnese Church gleams thanks to its white marble. The Pantheon has an impressive cupola with an “oculum” (an opening in the ceiling): sun’s rays can filter inside with magic effects

piazza navona - four rivers fountain  
  piazza di spagna


Piazza di Spagna: ever crowded, its Steps lead to Piazzetta della Trinità dei Monti where a wonderful sight on Rome opens up, unveiling St. Peter’s Basilica in distance. Strolling along one of Rome most renowned streets, via del Corso, you will get to Piazza del Popolo, a rounded square with an obelisk in its middle


Campidoglio, Colosseo and Palatino

The magnificent Vittoriano building in Piazza Venezia, the nearby Campidoglio with its sights on the Roman Forum and via dei Fori Imperiali concur to witness the grandeur of the Eternal City

vittoriano - night  

san giovanni in laterano basilica

Celio, Laterano, Aventino and Testaccio

San Giovanni in Laterano Basilica is an incredible masterpiece: frescoes, statues, golden ceilings… everything overawes the visitor. Nearby the Holy Stairway, rich in historical anecdotes, leads to an ancient chapel


Monti and Esquilino

Piazza della Repubblica is structured in a symmetrical style with two fountains in its center: at night, the sparkling white buildings in their background is very suggestive. The inside of Santa Maria Maggiore Church is full of different kind of marbles, frescoes and wonderful ceilings

piazza della repubblica - naiadi fountain - night  
  trevi fountain - night

Trevi, Quirinale and Villa Borghese

Trevi Fountain is really huge and superb, even bigger when standing in front of it; ever crowded, be patient in finding a good spot to admire it. Quirinale quarter has historical buildings as well as more recent ones, small fountains and little churches with superlative art pieces. Just on top of the stairway south of Piazza del Popolo, the park of Villa Borghese offers an incredible view to Rome


Vatican City – St. Peter’s Basilica

Piazza San Pietro is a colossal hug made of giant intimidating columns: on the other side of this square, Saint Peter’s Basilica is enormous (its cupola is the tallest building in Rome). Once inside, all is made of marble and stucco works and golden wood; fine statues and wonderful paintings adorn the Basilica nave and aisles

vatican city from umberto I bridge  
  vatican museums

Vatican Museums

A breathtaking collection of incredible masterpieces: since the very moment you enter in this building, you’ll be surrounded by art works of every kind and coming from any place, around and above you (wonderful paintings on each ceiling refer to biblical scenes or historical events). Something about the Sistine Chapel: it’s simply wonderful and no photo nor words can sufficiently explain the sensation of looking at it; if you love art, this is your place.

Visiting the Vatican Museum: be in line very early in the morning, at about 8 (queues are devastating: bring with you water and snacks supplies) and be patient. A lot of people will offer you a group tour, while waiting, to skip the line: it’s very expansive but a decision is up to you


Rome special advices

Fiumicino Airport is located 30 km from downtown: trains (to Termini station) and taxis link it to Rome. Ciampino Airport is mainly served by low-cost carriers: buses and taxis are available.
The main railway station is Termini.
Atac is the local public transportation company; buses lines are quite easy to understand (by maps or reading the halts sequence at every bus stop). Subways lines (2) are relatively useless for tourists because they don’t serve downtown.
Be careful at night, especially nearby Termini railway station, and generally be always aware of your belongings; don’t trust smiling people approaching you with an excuse: it’s unnecessary to be rude but  always act warily

piazza farnese  
Get your free copy of this Ades Web Magazine issue with more than a hundred pictures inside
Rome - hq
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