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Things you should know about Australia


A continent or just an island? Maybe both! Deserts, mountains, tropical rainforests, a few fertile plains: undoubtedly there are a lot of contrasts in this country, whose cities and population are concentrated along eastern and south-eastern coasts. Nonetheless its heart is what fascinates the most: red mountains and red sand are what the world knows better of Australia



Sydney symbols are unquestionably the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge: the first is just superb, in a silhouette tailored to become an emblem; the second is one of the ten most popular bridges in the world. Hyde Park is a trendy meeting point just a few meters outside downtown and its skyscrapers. In Royal Botanical Gardens, on the other side of the bay, you’ll find very big bats while walking among colourful flowers; from a nearby promontory there is a magnificent view of Sydney harbour

opera house  
  victoria square


Rundle Mall is a pedestrian precinct full of shops, colourful buildings, intriguing statues, monuments and mimes in downtown Adelaide. Most of Adelaide's museums are located on North TCE, such as Library Museum and a lot of old historical buildings in brown bricks, while in Victoria Square quarter skyscrapers rise along small houses


Cleland Wildlife Park

On the hills overlooking Adelaide and its beaches, Cleland Wildlife Park hosts any kind of Australian animals in a unique environment: kangaroos, dingos, geese and other birds, Tasmania devils, emus, wallabies, wombats and koalas live here, offering visitors the possibility of seeing Australian multiform fauna

yellow-footed rock-wallaby  

alice springs

Alice Springs

A town surrounded by a red desert. Tourists mistakenly consider it as a simple stop on their way to Uluru: Alice Springs has a dynamic local culture and its landscapes are wonderful as well as its inhabitants. A walk in the city center among art shops and galleries or in Todd riverbed (mostly dry for years, not just for months) will amaze any visitor



A vivacious town with a tropical climate, far away from any other Australian city: a young and multicultural population live in Darwin, while during the dry season travellers swarm here, crowding its nice bars and pubs. The only road to get in town is Stuart Highway, 2,800 km north of Adelaide

road train  

Litchfield National Park

Rock-holes among many brooks are ever crowded during the dry season: and just 30 or 40 km south of Litchfield National Park there's the desert! A luxuriant vegetation is all around and Florence Falls are just in the middle of a rainforest. Hundreds of termite mounds, some of them four or five meter tall, are located inside the park


Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is situated south of Adelaide: astonishing clear beaches dotted with a large number of sunbathing sea lions, an enormous natural arch (Admiral’s Arch) and the Remarkable Rocks right on the sea are its main attractions

sea lions  
  kata tjuta from uluru top

The Red Center

Uluru is a magical enormous monolith in the midst of a red desert: no experience is like approaching it and getting to its top (though perhaps you shouldn't) to admire an incredible panorama which stretches for miles and miles; Uluru changes colour as the sun goes up and down, from the darkest brown to a burning red. Kata Tjuta, Mount Connor and the Kings Canyon are other amazing places to put into your list: all made of red rock, they have their own peculiarities (such as billabongs, camels, dingos) which deserve a visit. The road to get here is an adventure itself due to the beauty of this region, road trains and lonely gas station


Australia special advices

Australia is big enough to claim years to visit it properly: so choose beforehand where you want to go and what you want to see. See this First Time Visitor's Guide.
Distances among cities are enormous: trains cross this island in two directions, the north to south Ghan and the west to east Indian Pacific; other smaller or local lines cover the east coast. Travelling by flying is surely the best way, though you won’t see what’s in between; a slow but fascinating way of travelling is by bus. Renting a car or a camper is another good, though expensive, option but watch out for animals while driving in the desert, don’t forget supplies and gasoline and never leave paved roads without a high clearance 4WD

harbour bridge  
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